Northern Thunder week 1

Friday February 5

Northern Thunder Day 1

     It's cold and raining here in Sweden, well warm for Sweden thus time of year . The grey skies usher in the Northern Thunder as the band in thier vans roll off to Stockholm. We showed up a little after Cryonic Temple the club was already filling up with battle vests at 9PM. 

       First up was local band Dumus. Heavy groove metal that just kicked some major ass and got the crowds adreniline boiling. 

      Next up was us (Methane) our set list:

  1. Scars and Bars
  2. 72
  3. Peal off the Skin
  4. Blood Sweat and Beer
  5. Devil's Own
  6. Hang Me High
  7. Spit on Your Grave


   We were greeted by an awesome blood thirsty crowd, hardcore kids in there straps and boots and metalheads banging there heads pushed up against the stage.  Closeing up the the night of course with a huge exclamation point , Croyonic Temple ! Thank you Stockholm ! We hope to see you again at Pub Anchor 27.04 on our Spit on Your Stage tour. 

Saturday February 06

Northern Thunder Day 2 

  After the gig packed up and drove, getting home around 6 AM . No rest for the wicked 1 PM get in at Black Rock in Borlänge. The bands built the stage and soundchecked haveing a couple of hours for a power nap followed by a  strong hair of the dog to kill our hangovers. Doors were at 10 PM but already at 9:30 metalheads were crowding the bar. 

Methane's set list

  1. Scars and Bars
  2. 72
  3. Peal off the Skin
  4. Blood Sweat and Beer
  5. Stone Garden
  6. Devil's Own
  7. Hang Me High
  8. Pray for Death
  9. Spit on Your Grave
Photo: Georgios Grigoria

Photo: Georgios Grigoria

          An awesome hometown support for the metal scene! The gig was followed by an after party before everything went black untill Sunday afternoon woke us after an incredible weekend with an incredible headache. Now we are looking forward to this weekend at:




Friday Wilmas in Arvika – Facebook event


Saturday Kajskjulet in Halmstad – Facebook event

See you in the pit \m/



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